Stand up for recovery

Help put recovery on the map

Whether you are in recovery, know someone in recovery, or are an ally to the movement-you can show your support here. Enter your 5-digit zip code to be included in one of the biggest, most vital movements in our nation’s history. We will add a marker to your area that allows others to see how broad, influential, and powerful recovery is, from coast to coast: a vision of recovery across America. You can click into the map to see the number of supporters near you or in any given location. Let’s put recovery on the map!
Honoring special agent "Kiki" Camarena

Red Ribbon week

Each October, communities and schools nationwide participate in Red Ribbon Week, encouraging participation in youth drug prevention activities. Use Google Earth to learn more about the week's inspiration, the sacrifice of fallen DEA Special Agent “Kiki” Camarena.
Research for alternative pain treatment
Research for alternative pain treatment

Solving for Faster Drug Discovery

A computational biochemist from the University of Southern California seeks to develop alternative non-addictive treatments for pain. Using Google Cloud, he's getting closer to finding alternatives for those who need it.